Fight for Ipswich Foyer

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Fight for Ipswich Foyer

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Rebecca Bunn started this petition to Circle Housing Wherry and

Help save 44 young people from being made homeless.

The Ipswich Foyer offers two years’ accommodation to homeless people aged 16 – 24. It provides the support they need to turn their lives around, helping many go to college.

This vital service is now under threat of closure.

Circle Housing Wherry, which owns The Foyer, recently sent a letter to residents claiming that it is proposing to end the service due to “increasing financial pressures”. The Foyer is funded by Suffolk County Council (SCC), who have cut their support by 30% in the last 18 months.

This closure would have a devastating impact on the 44 young people currently staying at The Foyer, potentially forcing them into situations that put their physical and mental well-being at risk.

My story

When I was 17, The Foyer was there for me when I needed it. The incredible staff encouraged me to never give up on my love of learning, and allowed me to continue my studies at Suffolk College in a safe environment.

Without that support, I can only imagine where I may have ended up.

I consider myself a success because of this incredible project, and I would be heartbroken to know that there are many young people, now in a similar position, who may not be given the same chance.

What you can do to help

I urge you to fight for this project, and all that it does for vulnerable young people in Ipswich.

  • Please sign the petition. It will be delivered to Suffolk County Council and Circle Housing Wherry.
  • Circle Housing Wherry are holding a consultation period, and will be collecting responses from the public. Please email your support to by July 31.
  • Ask Ipswich MP Ben Gummer to support The Foyer. Email with your message.
  • Tweet @Circlehousing or @circlewherry with your support for The Foyer.
  • There is also a Facebook Community, here.

Let's fight to keep The Foyer open!

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This petition had 2,826 supporters