Fight for Human Rights in Germany ( US Army Beschützt in a war against Wehrwolves -Occupiert )

the German Government and the County  Police in the district Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bayern )

- in zone of America.- since The second World War -  ( south Part of Germany )

( we send the mails to 192 UN states--- And The world community will WIN-

LIKE THIS WAY  ---we have such a meeting _UN Securitie Counsel .about 25 Years ago Frendship between USA and Soviet-Union 

Only Germany did not follow ( 


Permanent Court of International Justice Den Haag Netherlands UN   called  Peace Palast


 Emil Jimmy Jakob need help Foundation Army of Human Rights


1- They  Have to  protect the personality-right`s  ( Myself -the  Army - and Diplomats US )
2-  No bugging campaigns in apartments, the PC,  the Inernetmail, and letters

From Crimers, Economic Crimers, and mafia, and SPYIDIOTS  

THE crimers run  2,5 Years for Jail and THE POLICE and Justic  do nothing

 Emil Jimmy need Help         Foundation Army of Human Rights







Letter to
UN- DEN HAAGE - NETHERLANDS- deliver Court of Human Rights - ( Peace Pallace )
Foundation Fight for Human Rights ek
UN Nations Foundation Fight for Human Rights
and 3 others
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
First Fight for Human Rights Foundation in Germany
emil -jimmy Kleinknecht

please tell it to Prasident Wulf - gauk-and Chancler Merkel In The BRD -GDR ( real existed Germany )

The German Goverment and the County Government in th district BW ( Green Teaparty - Konservativ CDU-NPD
and rotzisozis )
25 % are Fascists- third Riches-- we are living in a Part of America.- Like US GUAM - exact ( US ARMY harmed )
1-is not abel to protect the personality-right ( Army- and Diplomats US )
2 no bugging campaigns in apartments the PC of the Inernetmail and letters
3- no stalking with satelitts by bugging the Handyphone ( GPS )

From Crimers Economic Crimers and Mafia, NSU terrorist )

Emil Jimmy Jakob need help
Foundation Army of Human Rights-

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