THE TRAGEDY OF INNOCENCE- The Wrongful Conviction of an Innocent Man-

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Imagine walking in on the murder of your friend, being the only eyewitness to a heinous crime- and then being framed as the murderer, to spend the rest of your life in prison for a crime you did not commit.  And no one believes you, because the murderer claims you did it. Sound familiar?

We are building a team of concerned pro bono advocates and Professionals to undo this tragedy of a Wrongful Conviction and unwind this Tragedy of Innocence.


Human nature tends to categorize and sub-divide the validity of innocence. The innocence of infants is universal. We all accept that to be a truth. Toddlers not as much.  The innocent twisting and torture of the truth being manipulated for reasons as simple as wanting a second cookie.

As adults, we may lose trust. Adults may become fearful and distrust claims of "innocence", maybe having experienced fraud and ulterior motives. Haunting memories of themselves once victims of trusting too much.

But sometimes it’s not our choice to personalize and disregard or bury claims of innocence.  A juror must listen intently and consider the accused "innocent until proven guilty".  This is the 'law of the land'. Yet, do we as a culture strictly follow this legal assumption or do we self-righteously jump to bias and prejudice?  What really determines innocence, and what is the prerequisite to qualify or maybe be certified as critical thinkers?

Maybe juries need to consist of certified critical thinkers- professional critical thinkers, trained to leave their bias in their parked cars?  Thus far, this is not the case.  Innocent men and women's fates are largely determined by non-critical thinkers.

Innocent's do not think like criminals.

They do not cover their tracks. They do not know what is chasing them.  They do not know their destiny is being chased.  What they say will seem logical and reasonable, if viewed without bias and contempt.  John David Brookins trial did ​NOT ​consider his innocence.

John David Brookins has been fighting to prove his innocence every day for over 28 years, literally more than half his life.  It’s time for his case to be reviewed without bias and prejudice and for John David Brookins to be ​judged rightfully innocent.

John David Brookins' claims of innocence fell on deaf and biased ears.  Brookins was convicted without a motive and without a murder weapon. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He walked into a room as an eyewitness to a murder and when he walked out of that room, he became framed as a murderer.

 John David Brookins was convicted without murderous physical evidence.  John David Brookins was convicted not only because he was a black man in 1992, the stand out year of the most innocent wrongful convictions to date in this country, but because the murder victim's prostitute, drug dealing and addicted, daughter was intimately involved for years with the arresting undercover narcotics Detective. He was protecting her.

There are countless witness statements that claim only the victim's daughter would have committed this crime of passion against her mother.  And, the only one to ever falsely accuse John David Brookins of this murder is the murderer herself, the same week she was arrested in a drug raid at her house, six months later.

Having poured through 3,000 pages of transcripts and testimony, we are now convinced of the evidence that will set him free.  Truth and justice will now prevail. Anyone reading this file with unbiased critical thinking skills will immediately see the truths of this murder and the flaws of the trial.

The family and friends of John David Brookins humbly ask that those with the powers to exonerate and to guide to exoneration, please review the powerful facts of this case, and the transcripts of his trial and then proudly lead this innocent, wrongfully convicted man to freedom!  

We need Supporters, anyone with a good heart that wants to ride the coattails of justice and bring meaning to their lives, to free this innocent man. Will you please sign this petition and share?  

John David Brookins is suffering the tragedy of innocence and innocence should never be a tragedy. Sadly, he is not alone. This country is burdened with wrongful convictions and we must join together to undo these wrongs.

With all of our collective, humble appreciation and prayerful gratitude, we thank you for the sincere consideration of joining us in the fight for Justice for Johnny.

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                                                 Our blessings to you!!                                                    We will respond promptly and all input is welcome. Thank you!  This Tragedy of Innocence begs Justice for the Wrongful Conviction of John David Brookins.  

    John David Brookins, is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor with 850+ hours of study and instruction.  Currently, John is the 1st Chairman for the  NAACP Health and Wellness Committee. John Designs and trains the Wellness Classes at SCI Phoenix.   John is currently assisting in the designing of a new yoga manual (with other teachers both inside and outside)  for the upcoming yoga teacher training in Pennsylvania Prisons.  John teaches yoga classes such as, chair yoga, power yoga and back healthy yoga inside SCI Phoenix (Graterford) Prison for residents including cancer patients; along with each class, guided meditation is also offered.  John also takes pride in performing guided meditation and guided yoga practices, over the phone.

     John has been a model imprisoned citizen since day one of his wrongful incarceration. John remains infraction free and is fully program compliant. Former staff members have written recommendations for his release.  John is an innocent man serving time on a wrongful conviction and he needs to be exonerated and come home to his family and friends. Please show your support by signing this petition,  And contact us if you are able to offer any assistance to fight this battle. We really need and welcome any qualified assistance in his case.

Thank you