Seeking Commutation For John Brookins

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This petition is a plea to Governor Tom Wolf and to the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons to free John Brookins, inmate BW7444, who has been incarcerated for thirty years. He is currently incarcerated in SCI Phoenix. 

To know John is to know someone spiritual, someone who has spent thirty years behind bars aiding the spiritual and physical development of others. To know John is to know someone with nothing but love in his heart for all and a spirit of forgiveness. To know John Brookins, quite simply, is to know a friend.

Spirituality is hugely important to John, and it is through meditation and yoga that he gets through his days in prison. John has become a certified yoga instructor with Transformation Yoga, who speak very highly of John and his expertise as an instructor. John holds a number of certificates and qualifications from his time in prison. John has worked in the prison kitchen and helped to maintain the horticultural nursery in the prison.

John worked in the activities department for twenty years, designing and conducting fitness, yoga and meditation programs for residents and people outside the prison. Before Covid hit John was asked by the activities Administration to conduct the Health and Wellness Re-entry Program. John has also been involved in the creation of a PA Department of Corrections Yoga Manual to be used statewide. John also designs fitness programs to help his fellow inmates, tailoring them to suit the needs of each person, even those who are elderly, sick, or disabled.

John welcomes the opportunity to work directly for the PA Department of Corrections as an instructor for the incarcerated in all of PA. The focus would be to teach practices for stress management, minimizing anxiety, and the treatment of PTSD symptoms which are now much more prevalent since the onset of Covid 19. John wants to help people to work on themselves, as he says, from the physical to the spiritual by opening and running his own studio. Upon his release, John plans to get an RV and drive across America to meet the people who have supported him over the years. He wants to stop along the way in towns and national parks and see as much of the country as he can. John wishes to travel all around the world and see all that he can. He doesn’t want to squander any more time, and wishes to soak up as many valuable experiences as he can, with his loving wife, Karen, by his side.

John's kindness and his love for all has had a profound effect on his supporters throughout the years. Everyone who has ever met John agrees that society needs more John Brookins. The above reflects the impact that John has had inside prison - just imagine what he could accomplish outside.

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