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Fight Climate Change - Top 10 Ways to Go Paperless

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It can be challenging going paperless at home or work, right?

But it's worth it. You're not only saving trees, which are the lungs of our ecosystem, you're also saving all the energy that goes into -- and the carbon emissions that come out of -- logging, transporting, pulping, manufacturing and then shipping the finished paper to the store ... and that's a LOT!

One company, WordenGroup Strategic Public Relations, is trying hard, and challenging others to do the same. In honor of Arbor Day, they've published a list of suggestions:

Top 10 Ways to Go Paperless

1. “Send documents via e-mail or e-Fax.”

2. “Stop unwanted junk mail and catalog delivery with a service like”

3. “Try not to print anything — but if you must, be sure to use 100% post-consumer recycled paper.”

4. “Spell-check before you print to eliminate document do-overs; and print only the page or passage you need out of a longer document.”

5. “Set your printer default for double-sided printing, and keep a box of “one-side-used” paper for writing notes or printing for in-house use.”

6. “Read an online newspaper.”

7. “Remember your coffee mug (no paper cups); and if you “brown bag” your lunch, replace that iconic paper sack with a reusable lunch bag.”

8. “Sign up for email bill delivery for online rather than paper statements, and pay your bills – and invoice clients – electronically.”

9. “Borrow books from the library or buy used books online.”

10. “Move office forms to electronic versions – Microsoft Office and Excel both have powerful form creation tools – or ask your computer support person to create a custom form.”

We use these practices in our office at the Solar Electric Light Fund, and it's amazing what a change we've seen in reduced consumption and waste!

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