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On December 13, 2012, ESPN sport journalist Rob Parker expressed some of the most ignorant and bigoted statements on TV. During the ESPN show, 1st Take, he expressed his concern that Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III, was not "black enough" and proceeded to label him a "cornball brother", whatever that means. For the sake of our society, I am sick and tired of seeing this kind of rhetoric on TV.

America has a race problem, in fact the whole world still does, but we will never move on as a people until we stop labeling ourselves by color. Rob Parker is making an attempt to define what a "black person" is, but then what is that really besides the color of skin? If Robert Griffin III is not "black" enough, then what is "black"? Along with that, what is "white", "Asian", or "Hispanic"? Through his words on the show, Rob Parker, knowingly or not, has advocated racial profiling. Martin Luther King would be rolling in his grave.

The purpose of this petition is to make a statement that we're tired of racial profiling and bigotry in our media. A famous man once said, "Let us not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character." If we don't stop defining how we're supposed to act as a race, we will never see the end of racism in our society.

The clip of Rob Parker's infamous words can be found here:


Letter to
ESPN Network Fire Rob Parker and Fight Bigotry on TV
PTI Host Michael Wilbon
Please discontinue the bigoted and ignorant voices concerning race on your programming. It does not benefit the ESPN brand, and I do not believe it represents the views of the station.

On the December, 13, 2012 episode of 1st Take, one of your "journalists" Rob Parker, proceeded to express some disparaging remarks about what constitutes a "black person" in his criticism of Robert Griffin III. I believe it's a disgusting case of racial profiling, and is a detriment to our society as a whole. Until we stop defining what people are supposed to be as a color, we will never see the end of racism in our society.

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