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Fight Alberta's Urgent Homeless Crisis!

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People should not have to experience the agony of homelessness. Yet every day, thousands of people experience incredible suffering and destitution by living on the streets in Alberta. We have to help them.

These people are constantly treated as sub-human. Homeless people are human beings but are called dirty bums. We have to help them.

Homeless people are out there on the streets freezing, starving, and suffering. What if it was us that was experiencing that? We must change that, because if we don't, who will? We WILL help them by raising our voices and advocating for their cause. Historically, major change happens when people speak out on issues, and it can still happen today.

Homelessness costs everyone an enormous amount -- public costs can be $100,000 per person yearly in healthcare, policing, and other costs. Ending homelessness for people costs a fraction of this.

If the Alberta government invests 1.2 billion over 5 years in homeless support outreach services, many will be empowered to be lifted from homelessness. 1.2 billion may seem expensive, but leaving people on the streets is undeniably more costly. 

Investing to alleviate homelessness is the best financial and humanitarian action. Let us now call upon the Alberta government to provide 1.2 billion in funding over 5 years in homeless support outreach services.



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