Fight Against Economic Terrorism

Fight Against Economic Terrorism

141 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Why this petition matters

Started by We Movement

Action! Action! Now! Recently, we sent out an important petition urging you to sign it for vital changes in the public transportation system. A few persons have signed but not enough to reach the critical mass for change. But the general transport system is cascading into social filthiness. There is no doubt that there are many black working class Jamaicans who are comfortable living at the subhuman level of what purports to be a just society. However, we continue to reach out to the thousands of people who share our values of civilized decency, economic equity and social justice. Thus, we are renewing our efforts in the call to sign the petition demanding the removal of Mr. Audley Shaw as transport minister.

Here is a list of crucial things the Minister is unwilling to fix:

· The inhumane scheduling and services of the J.U.T.C buses.

· Lack of repairs/proper maintenance and cleaning of the buses

· The dangerous and uncivilized over packing of passengers in minibuses and taxis

· The extortions of illegal fare increases from commuters by all taxi operators

· The consistent bombardment of loud and filthy music in taxis and minibuses especially when they are carrying school children

Since the minister clearly does not think we deserve any better, we must raise our voices against this anti-black, corrupt oppressive government and the weak opposition leaders. We owe ourselves a better society. Take a stand now and sign the petition demanding the Minister of transport Audley Shaw to step down We are attaching the Ministry of Transport and the media conglomerates to the petition so they won’t miss it.


141 have signed. Let’s get to 200!