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fight against cruelty to animals

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Cruelty to animals is a part of life in Asia. In Japan eating
dophins and whales is perfectly normal. In China, Korea and Indonesia skinning dogs, cats and other furry animals alive is
just part of the routine to "harvest" the fur.
For the last 8 years I have been looking at the "MADE IN .."
tags of the products I buy and made it a point to avoid
buying anything made in Asia. I will not and can not support
Countries that have such a horrible record not only in human rights but also animal rights. They have poisoned our children
and our animals and I refuse to give them a dime of my money.
I ask my fellow Americans to support my boycott of Asian goods and in doing so support our own economy by buying American made products. Other Americans have started simular actions for different reasons, which is great because a boycott of this kind
even from different camps will bring us closer to our goal.
We want to stop the torture and the killing of animals. I hope
the Obama administration will hear our voices and do what they
can to send a clear message to Asia. 
If the world stops buying fur, there is no need to kill for it. is a website that will help people to find stores that carry American made goods. 
I decided against adding the disturbing images that are out there simply because I can't stomach this cruelty, knowing it goes on
is enough to make me sick.

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