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Do NOT Censor Steve Olson’s artwork in the Betteravia Galleries

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Calling on all artists and defenders of our Freedom of Speech... A petition has been generated to CENSOR Steve Olson's art from an exhibit in Santa Barbara County. If this enrages you as much as it should, please sign this petition to KEEP Steve Olson’s art in the exhibit. Thank you…

An influential figure in the skateboarding and music communities, Olson is a collected artist who has exhibited internationally. His sculptures are on permanent display in public spaces in Texas and Louisiana. His iconic stature in the skateboarding and music cultures grew from his inherent characteristics as provocateur of change, and a questioner of established morays. These traits are seen throughout his art making its value priceless.

 "Buy Sexual”, an art work presently on display in the Betteravia Government Center, should remain on display. Steve Olson, the artist, says that the piece is “a comment on the use of sex to sell commercial objects in American culture.” To remove the artwork would be an act of censorship, as opposed to honoring free speech, a fundamental right instituted by America’s Founding Fathers. 

As the ACLU states: "A free society is based on the principle that each and every individual has the right to decide what art or entertainment he or she wants -- or does not want -- to receive or create. Once you allow the government to censor someone else, you cede to it the the power to censor you, or something you like. Censorship is like poison gas: a powerful weapon that can harm you when the wind shifts. Freedom of expression for ourselves requires freedom of expression for others. It is at the very heart of our democracy.”

This petition is urging the Arts Commissioners of Santa Barbara County to keep the Steve Olson artwork on display.

Here is a link to the Santa Barbara Independent coverage of the story:

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Terri Craft needs your help with “Fifth District Arts Commissioner Dennis Smitherman, Executive Director, Santa Barbara County Arts Commission Ginny Brush, First District Arts Commissioner Gerardo Ayala, First District Arts Commiss...: Do NOT Censor Steve Olson’s artwork in the Bettera...”. Join Terri and 428 supporters today.