FIFO QLD Residents do you want to return to your families

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As we all know Anastasia Palaszczuk  is denying QLD FIFO residents to return to their families unless you take a 2 week quarantine and a bill of $2800. The FIFO community threw the whole pandemic was able to return without quarantine in stage 3, Victoria is the only state just off stage 3. This petition is to let the Palaszczuk government know that we were returning on stage 3 and that they are keeping QLD residents away from family. Anastasia says she’s looking out for Queenslanders but obviously not the FIFO QLD residence community.We may work away but we bring money back into QLD . If we come back and quarantine for 2 weeks we wouldn’t have a job to go back too , an most of us are in mining and major infrastructure which QLD dosn’t have. FIFO workers do have a high suicide rate and this border closure and quarantine and loss of jobs will only increase it.I personally haven’t seen my wife an kids for 3 months an in that time I couldn’t be there for my wife when her dad died and a good friend who died of cancer. Personally I would be happy to be tested before I fly out and tested again at QLD receiving a negative result and to quarantine at home till I flew back to work. I encourage all to sign that are affected by the Palaszczuk government in anyway an their treatment of QLD FIFO workers.