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Dalgety Bay is a lovely coastal town in Fife. However, unfortunately, there has been an increase in vehicles and thus speeding traffic within the area. The limit is still meant to be 30, but vehicles are travelling well in excess,  which has resulted in many pets being killed or injured on our roads. 

Eastern Access Road, Moray Way, South/ North, Link Road, etc are all worst affected. Drivers see a straight stretch and put their foot down.

These roads are still 30mph, even though they are residential streets. I have contacted the council on several occasions  to raise my concerns about the speed of a lot of the vehicles going through Dalgety Bay and this includes public transport (buses). I raised the issue of children crossing the roads to get to school buses or walking to school, just going about their day, as this would be an ordeal that no one wants to consider. Pets are bad enough, but this would be indescribable agony for any parent. 

Peak times in particular, there are vehicles travelling well in excess of the 30mph, coming into and leaving DB. FC seem to care more about the financial impact rather than public safety. DB have one of the highest council tax rates in Fife and yet our roads are in a horrific state. Basic repairs are rarely carried out never mind safety measures. They placed a speed bump in the industrial estate, so why not traffic calming on the 'distributor' roads, which are actually, residential roads, which I would say was more important. There are an incredibly amount of residential areas rather than industrial, so FC clearly see the industrial part as more influential ans crucial rather than the thousands of residents!

This is the comment I received from the council,(the latest being May 2018) which is clearly incredibly outdated!!! ......................:-

The Speed indicator sign survey was carried out over one week which is our standard deployment for this piece of equipment. As we only have two sets to cover the whole of Fife this is as long as we can use it in one place. The results of the survey indicated a high level of compliance with the 30mph speed limit and as such we would not consider any traffic calming interventions in this location. We would also no consider a speed limit reduction as Eastern Access Road is a main distributor road serving both a considerable part of the Dalgety Bay housing are and the industrial areas adjacent to Ridgeway and as such would not be suitable for such a reduced limit.

Individuals who choose to ignore speed limits are unfortunately all too common on todays roads. Our decision to provide a road safety intervention is based on the behaviour of the majority of drivers. If most people are obeying the speed limit then we do not carry out interventions. Dealing with the minority who do ignore speed limits is a matter for Police Scotland to tackle via targeted speed limit enforcement. If you observe such behaviour I would advise you to report this to Police Scotland by phoning 101. 

Our budget for road safety interventions is limited and has to be prioritised to areas where there is a history of road crashes and / or poor speed limit compliance. As neither of these circumstances exists on Eastern Access Road it would be neither practical or responsible to spend public money in this area.

 The road layout in this area pre-dates your development and the volume and class of traffic using it reflects the number of houses and businesses Eastern Access Road serves. This is something you should have observed and assessed when choosing to live in your property. The housing layout in your estate was designed to reflect the existing road layout with properties set back from the road and separated from it with parking areas and landscaping. There is also no development on the other side of the road. This is not a traditional urban environment and therefore an urban speed limit would not be appropriate.  Inappropriate speed limit reductions do not result in a reduction in vehicle speeds or any road safety benefit. Worse they may lead to drivers ignoring other speed limits as well as giving a false sense of security to pedestrians using these routes. Our expectation is that parents manage children such that they are not exposed to the risks posed by such roads and reducing the speed limit, even if it did result in a reduction in vehicle speeds, would not in any way make it safer for children to either cross or play next to.

 We have speed survey data from 2013 when the estate you live in was still under construction. This does indicate reasonable compliance with the speed limit with average speeds around 30mph in both directions. The survey does indicate a percentage of drivers exceeding the speed limit however this would be a matter for Police Scotland to carry out speed limit enforcement. I would advise reporting speeding traffic to the Police by phoning 101 as this will enable them to prioritise enforcement activities to this area.

Lead Consultant, Traffic Management (South Fife)Fife Council,Roads and Transportation Services,Bankhead Central,Bankhead Park

Glenrothes,Fife,KY7 6GH

The article below is from  Dunfermline press  Nov 2017:- 

Councillors heard that road safety continues to be a focus for community officers with regular patrols taking place at local primary schools at the beginning and end of the school day. Efforts are ongoing to establish more community speedwatch partnerships across the area.(Dalgety Bay)

I can't say I have seen anything in recent years??

2013- Dalgety Bay pensioner’s death leads to road safety investigation!

Oct 2017 - CAR DESTROYED Woman who was allegedly THREE TIMES over drink drive limit arrested after smash in Fife
Cops said they had arrested a female in Dalgety Bay after the crash on Western Access Road, heading towards Moray Way, around 11.55am today

Their action plan (link above), seems to contradict the information I was given, so who do we turn to to get action? There are so many people concerned about the situation in our small, beautiful town, which was once  safe for families

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