Save the lollipop crossing at McLean Primary

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As you may be aware, Fife Council want to install barriers at the lollipop crossing in front of the school gates and remove the patrol. They have cited that the crossing is unsafe.  However not one incident has been reported to back this up. 

Having discussed the issue,  the Parent Partnership and Mrs Newton agree that pupils will seek their own alternative, most convenient crossing and will not go out of their way to use the pelican crossing.

Should the barriers be installed, the closest place to cross is approx 30 yards to the west of the crossing,  between parked cars in two laybays and through two bus stops. It is also closer to the exit/entrance to Scott St and would in our opinion, be a very dangerous place to cross. 

If we get enough support we can take this to Fife Council to review their decision and propose that the pelican crossing is moved to the lollipop crossing, or failing that,  leave the lollipop crossing in place. 

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