Video Replay in Professional Soccer (UCL, World Cup, BPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc.)

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In recent history, some big or important games have been plagued with incorrect calls by the officiating crew (Chelsea v. Barcelona, 2009 and Real Madrid v. Bayern 2017 just to name a few) that severely impacted the game. A video replay system instituted into the game would allow officials to get calls right when they either make a mistake or are unsure. Fans will also be ensured that the result is the most fair possible, with minimal human error. Teams also receive the reassurance that they are not being robbed of a win or draw in a crucial or non-crucial moment. This change would also ensure a level playing field with no one team gathering an unfair advantage by having "the refs on their side." This adjustment would also be very minimal with most professional stadiums having sophisticated camera and video technology in place already. One suggestion would be to have major refereeing decisions checked by an extra official on the side ensuring the calls on the field were in fact correct in a timely and efficient manner similar to how touchdowns calls are checked by the NFL in american football to ensure correctness. Another suggestion would be to include a challenge option, again similar to the NFL, where coaches/managers can challenge calls allowing the officials to take a second look using on field replay technology. Also, in an effort to reduce game delay and keep with the flow of the game, we believe that goals and red cards should be automatically checked, but for smaller, more trivial matters managers should only have a small number of "challenges" available to use. This is only a small change that can help improve the game. Many other sports have modernized the game allowing for video replay to ensure on-field decisions are correct and within the rules, so why can't soccer (futbol) do this as well!

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