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On June, 14th 2018 the first game of the FIFA World Cup in Russia will start. A sports event with high attention by millions of enthusiastic people, worldwide.
The FIFA itself has not only the role as a simple organiser of the games, in fact it has a more special responsibility with a wider range. Big sports events, comparable to the Olympic Games, always have a social and political dimension, too. On one hand, because football has the function of social integration in many countries and on the other hand because the FIFA and the IOC present themselves also as an embassador of peace and international understanding.

To represent this honestly, a fundament of moral and democratic integrity must be defined and kept. The priority of these values must be higher than economical decisions at any time. Organisers of big sports events must resepect these values and must follow them at any cost.

One of the big achievements of the free and democrativ world is the freedom of press. Without free journalism, there is no independent and free media coverage, which is one of the fundamental pillar of democracy.

In preparation for the World Cup, Russia rejected the visa for the the German investigative journalist Hajo Seppelt. Hajo Seppelt was one of the most relevant persons uncovering the institutional doping system in Russia, which has been approved meanwhile by different other researchers like e.g. the WADA representative Mr. Richard McLaren. It is obvious that Russia wants to exclude a very uncomfortable journalist from the games. It is not acceptable that investigative journalists are excluded from the games, neither Hajo Seppelt nor any other journalist.

Various German politicians, inclduing chancellor Angela Merkel, have demanded to approve the visa immediatly.

FIFA has still not published any comments regarding that case, but it is absolutely necessary to defend the freedom of press.
FIFA must act now and must think about drastic consequences if necessary. Commercial targets cannot rule out basic rights like the freedom of press.

We demand:

Dear FIFA,
Dear Mr. Gianni Infantino,

Support the freedom of press!

Urge Russia to respect the freedom of press without restrictions and if necessary take the necessary steps. A world cup in a country that does not respect the freedom of press is not acceptable.

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