Sergio Ramos must submit an official apology to Mohammed Salah #ramosdirtybitch

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In the final of the Champions League which was between Real Madrid and Liverpool , It was very clear that the defenders of Real Madrid  have an intention to target the Arab player #Mohamed_Salah ,  Especially bad player ethics Sergio Ramos  Known for his black history of unethical interventions full of violence and hatred /

After less than 30 minutes after the start of the Match ..  Ramos finally achieved his evil intention  , in which he has already succeeded in causing serious injury Of Mohamed Salah  , It may keep him out of the World Cup finals Russia 2018

Mohamed Salah is now the best Arab player in the world .. and also can become the best player in the world , He holds the dreams of 100 million Egyptians + He is loved by all Arabs and the world too .. Because he is a player with high morals


We are now asking Ramos to submit an official apology to Mohammed Salah for his violent intervention  .. This means that he is required to apologize to more than 100 million Egyptians + all of Muhammad Salah's fans in the Arab world and the world