#Iamfootballnation - Inscription of Football as a World Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO)

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FWH aims to bring together, through partnerships, the general public, cultural, sports, economic and political icons, as well as UNESCO and the United Nations in an international dialogue.

Football is a vital tool for our social development programs put in place by UNESCO, private and community organizations around the world. These programs provide children and youth with valuable tools that make a difference in their lives, while contributing to positive social change on a global scale by addressing the most pressing issues in every community at the educational level, science and culture.

Football is a passion shared by over 4 billion people all around the world, with no borders, no limits and NO discrimination! The inscription of football as a World Heritage of Humanity would be a celebration of sport and humanity! 


Football designated as a UNESCO World Heritage : Why ?

Because it is universal beyond languages, religions and conflicts,
Because it reverberates worldwide hymns and awakens our national pride,
Because it is a link between nations and peoples, and between pride, equality, sharing and passion,
Because it is the most important sport for millions of young people who consider their team as their first fraternity,
Because it is a step forward for emancipation of women,
Because it represents the desire to play, and therefore to live, together,
Because it is simultaneously valour and endurance, sportsman and collective, commitment and temperament,
Because it is more than just a sport,
Because it is also an industry, forcing cities and States to imagine, create and build stadiums bigger and higher,
Because, it is, with the Olympic games, the most watched television show in the world,
Because it gives birth to winning spirit that exists within each of us,
Because billions of earthlings love it,
Because it leads people to reach their dreams…