FIFA to ban Sergio Ramos from FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

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During UEFA Champions League Final 2018 in Kiyv, Sergio Ramos injured Mohammad Salah on purpose. All view angles and football experts confirmed that this moved was on purpose. This action is a disgrace for the Football as a game and disgrace to Real Madrid and a disgrace to Spain.

Football is sport of true competition where all fans around the world enjoy watching it. Such action downgrade the level of the game and the player whom they play it.

Sergio Ramos must be punished to learn that this is a competition game of team play and football tactics and skills. It is not wrestling and it is not winnable by injuring other players.

As the World Cup, the top football competition in all the world, coming soon, we call FIFA to take a decision in this regard as such player is not welcomed in this game and this competition. For him to learn and for others to keep a fair play in matches and let everyone enjoy this beautiful game.