Antoine Griezmann to be stripped of World Cup medal for Cheating & Unsportsmanlike Conduct

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  • During the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final between Croatia and France, Antoine Griezmann has been an absolute disgrace to association football and FIFA should be taking appropriate action to actively condemn guilty players and show that they do not support this sort of behaviour in the sport loved by so many.
  • Antoine Griezmann clearly dived for a free kick (resulting in early goal) [VIDEO]
  • Antoine Griezmann behaved in utterly disrespectful and unsportsmanlike manner (loser hand shape on forehead, antagonising celebration and holding genital area taunt) towards Croatia fans after scoring a mere penalty due to, once again, contentious circumstances [VIDEO]



  • An already contentious World Cup Final due to questionable refereeing as protested by many fans as well as football veterans and experts alike. [1][2][3][4][5]
  • Despite Croatia's domination of France in the entire first half, France took the lead in the World Cup final against Croatia due to Antoine Griezmann's blatant dive which gave France a considerable advantage early into the game.
  • Griezmann tumbled under a challenge from Marcelo Brozovic, but replays showed that Griezmann was already going down without contact ("simulation" as termed by FIFA). Griezmann is very relieved that VAR didn't check his fall, otherwise the result could have been very different for his team, with refereeing punishment for simulation/diving including the strong potential to receive a yellow card.


  • The final and only resolution for FIFA is to right the wrongs and serve justice to the entire world of football fans, the fans and entire team of Croatia and of course to FIFA themselves, as they themselves are also being blatantly disrespected by allowing this to happen without repercussions whilst under their supervision.
  • The entire world of footballing proposes that FIFA is to serve the following final and unappealable reprimands to Antoine Griezmann due to the shameful way in which he conducted himself in a World Cup Final. The list is as follows and includes, but is not limited to;
  1. The official REVOKING of Antoine Griezmann's Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Final Gold Medal by FIFA
  2. The official DEMOTION of Antoine Griezmann's Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Silver Boot to the Bronze Boot to account for his penalty goal celebration ("Unsportsmanlike conduct") during the 2018 FIFA World Cup final. This would, in turn, promote Belgian Romelu Lukaku's Bronze Boot to the Silver Boot in place of Antoine Griezmann.
  3. The official REVOKING of Antoine Griezmann's Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball. The entire purpose of The Golden Ball award is to celebrate the greatest player of the tournament. Diving in a World Cup Final to gain deceitful advantage and then proceeding taunt and antagonise the opposition's team after a mere penalty goal already given under contentious circumstances is the complete opposite definition of being a great player and it is unfathomable how Mr. Griezmann was even considered for the Golden Ball award given his performance in the Final.


  • Both of these disgraceful actions conducted by Antoine Griezmann are breaches of association football's laws clearly defined in The Laws of the Game [particularly; "Unsportsmanlike conduct"] and FIFA should take severe breaches such as these extremely seriously and deliver swift justice upon the surfacing of these sources of undeniable evidence.
  • This is an excellent situation to show what Football is all about and the repercussions of blatantly disrespecting the beautiful game. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for FIFA to show their beloved football supporters where they truly stand against an issue like this and could consequentially help restore faith in FIFA that has been lost by many supporters over the past recent years.