An All-Star Top 5 European leagues competition in football.

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Now who wouldn't want to see Ronaldo and Messi playing together in Spain's All-Star team against All-Star teams of other European Nations.

The idea is to persuade Fifa or UEFA to introduce a tournament that includes All-star teams of 5 or more top European leagues.

Each league would introduce their All-star team {for example, the All-star team of La Liga would consist of their top players according to their form and rating.(Imagine-Ronaldo,Greizmann & Messi in the front three of that team)} and would be played against other All-star teams in a league format or on a knockout basis to decide the winner i.e the best All-star team in all of europe.

The idea can be developed with great effort if it is made sure that the football governing bodies find the idea appealing. The competition if made possible would be of high demand in the footballing world and trust me, sale of tickets would be of no problem at all.

I urge all the football fans around the world to sign this petition just to see all the great players playing together.  We are lucky enough to see both Ronaldo and Messi play the beautiful game in our lifetime. It would be nice if we get to see them play together as well.

I know that the content of the petition is small for an idea that could change the future of football.

But i just want you to take a minute and think of it. Sign it for the sake of,

The Beautiful Game.