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Stop the deportation proceedings against Magdalena Ortega

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The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has not been following, in some cases, President Obama’s “Low Priority” Immigration Directive. Instead of focusing on deporting criminals, ICE wastes the government resources and breaks up families of peaceful, hardworking immigrants by deporting people like Maria Magdalena Ortega.

Maria Magdalena Ortega is a peaceful woman, a loving wife, and a community volunteer. For example, she volunteered with Zarco Films to produce independent films about the Latino community, which have themes varying from bullying among teenagers to Alzheimer, aging, suicide, bisexuality, and immigration. Maria Magdalena is a great listener, a talented woman, and a consensus maker. While she was helping on a film about undocumented immigrants, titled “Sin Visa” (or “Without a Visa”), U.S. ICE decided it was time to deport her to Mexico and break up her 20-year marriage. They gave her until mid April of 2012 to pack her belongings and surrender to the U.S. ICE office.

As a peaceful woman, she will go to the U.S. ICE office and surrender on the specified date. She will have to say goodbye to her siblings, her nephews and nieces, and her husband of twenty years who is a U.S. citizen and he cannot join her in Mexico because he has never lived in a foreign country and it is too late at his age to start all over. But as citizens of this country, we ask the esteemed civil servants at U.S. ICE to act with their full conscience on this case and not waste the taxpayers’ money.

Please read Maria Magdalena’s personal statement below (in English or Spanish) and sign this petition, asking Mr. John Morton, the Director of ICE, and Mr. Timothy S. Atiken, the Field Office Director of I.C.E. in San Francisco, to reverse the decision to deport her and let her stay until Congress finds an overall solution to undocumented immigrants.

Personal statement of María Magdalena Ortega:
“My name is Maria Magdalena Ortega, a Mexican immigrant. I am the daughter, the wife, and the sister of U.S. citizens. I came to the United States with high hopes of being able to achieve a better quality of life for myself, my family and my community. Since my arrival, my goal has been to work and study to become a model citizen and a worthy representative of my community. I was dedicated, I studied hard, and I put much effort into I achieving my goal and more for which I am very thankful. But unfortunately, my happiness is coming to an end because, after having worked for 20 years, day after day, hoping to become a naturalized citizen of this country, I have been informed that I will not be able to fix my immigration status and I have to leave the United States, even though I have not committed any crime, large or small. All this is happening to me because of errors in and mismanagement of my case.”

Spanish version:
“Soy María magdalena Ortega, una inmigrante Mexicana. Soy la hija, la esposa y la hermana de ciudadanos estadounidenses. Llegué a este país con grandes ilusiones de poder lograr una mejor calidad de vida para mi y mi familia y mi comunidad. Desde que llegué, mi objetivo ha sido trabajar y estudiar para llegar a ser una ciudadana ejemplar y una digna representante de mi comunidad. Gracias a Dios, con mucho esfuerzo, dedicación y estudio, he logrado eso y más por lo cual me siento muy contenta. Pero lamentablemente mi felicidad está llegando a su fin porque, después de haberme esforzado por 20 años, día a día, para poder ser una ciudadana grata a este país, me han informado que no tendré la oportunidad de arreglar mi status migratorio y que tengo que salir de los E.E. U.U., aun nunca he cometido un delito, sea grande o pequeño. Y esto gracias a malos manejos en mi caso.”

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