Field 21 million American World Service/Jobs Corps volunteers over the next 27 years.

People's Lobby's citizen-initiated proposed law will produce a robust, peaceful, productive national service program that will create smarts, security, jobs, and a growing middle class.   The AWSC National Service proposed bill is at

Without money, People's Lobby (PLI) needs citizen pressure to attract strong original sponsors to introduce the AWSC Congressional Proposals.  PLI then needs your continued citizen support to add a hundred cosponsors and pass the legislation.

This NEW INTERACTIVE letter to Congressional reps that offers citizens the opportunity to press your representative to sponsor the AWSC Congressional Proposals that will create jobs, expand common sense, and strengthen public policies from the grassroots on up.  To sign the petition, click the "Take Action" or "Sign" button to the right under Uncle Sammy. 

Numerous congressional staffs support People's Lobby's American World Service Corps National Service Congressional Proposal (AWSC) and it's Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA).  Their recent reasons for inaction are expressed as, "We can't move anything through this Congress.  Nothing gets done, as hard as we try...." 

Please also sign our intial petiton at

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And if you want to painlessly raise revenues that built America's once vibrant Middle Class click to:


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