Save the small churches in the Uk

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Bethesda evangical church was part of the community and a witness for Jesus Christ. Helping people when they were in need and praying for the sick, needy and poor. The church was a shining light in this dark world. The trustees from fellowship independent  evangelical church (fiec)  closed it down because they don’t believe or support small churches. Something has to be done about this! A community always needs a church and hope for the future. God bless you all. The members of that church have fallen a part and it’s not just are church it’s other churches around the UK! Please help me sign this petition to get the attention of the trustees to reconsider their vision of the future with small churches and put communities back into society. Small churches help with babies and their mums toddlers group where they meet other mums. They do coffee mornings to socalizes with people around the community, prayer meetings and Sunday services. Thank you all for your support and God bless you