Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) ALLOW HIJAB

Hello Everyone My name Is Asma Elbadawi, I am a Basketball player, Coach , Artist and spoken word poet. and I am campaign for FIBA, the International Basketball Federation to permanently lift the ban on headgear to allow players in turbans, hijabs, and other religious headgear to play basketball and to  apply this rule to all levels of basketball. and follow in the footsteps of FIFA who lifted the ban after results showed there is no direct correlation between the Hijab  or turban and safety of players. More information on FIBA:  It is now nearing the 2 year mark and I believe that in order to create a even playing field for both men and women of all faith's such as Sikh's Hindus and Muslims, that practice a headwear. As well as create visible role models for our youth it is paramount that FIBA lifts the ban permanently. Please take the time to sign the petition. Your support is both appreciated and valued. Thank you! Asma Elbadawi   I’ve joined with players around the world (Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Indonesia, Qatar, USA and Sweden) who are also playing basketball with hijab. They share their story as to why they are asking FIBA to #allowhijab. See our movement here: https://www.change.org/m/end-ban-on-head-covering-in-basketball   
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