Ensured Safety in Schools to Combat School Shootings

Ensured Safety in Schools to Combat School Shootings

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Started by Matthew Allor

Dear Fenton high school administration,

      While the students at Fenton high school appreciate the day off of school, 12/3/21, to let things simmer down a bit more. We believe that more should be done to insure the safety of students and staff at Fenton High school. Everything that has been happening this last week of school is overwhelming to both students and staff. School shootings have gone on far too long, and unfortunately it has finally hit too close to home.

        Taking initiative for the whole student body and speaking up for those too afraid to speak right now, we believe that more safety measures need to be implemented into the high school before the return of students and staff with in-person learning. Along with that, we also believe many students will simply not return back to school until further steps to ensure our staff and students safety has been prioritized to the fullest extent.

        The student body has also already proposed an attendance boycott due to the lack of policies to protect the student body and secure our environment. Furthermore, the mental health of students and staff right now are also in jeopardy. Among us there are many individuals that deal with chronic anxiety and mental health struggles, returning to school knowing that our safety is something not being heard, is something that does not sit lightly. We believe that we are unlikely be able to effectively and efficiently learn while knowing that another school massacre is possible. The threats that have been made towards Fenton High school and surrounding schools should be taken to the fullest extent to ensure they are 100% deemed not credible and all properly dealt with. The “copy cats” of Oxford High school shooting, that are planning their “hit week” (12/6/21 - threat found not credible as further investigation occurred) will just keep moving their plan forward and wait until the perfect time to strike while students are back in school, unless more is done to prevent this. We are all scared and anxious.

         As a whole we believe none of us are in the right mental states to return back to in-person learning, until things simmer down and measures are made to prevent and ensure another tragedy from happening. We propose that we return back to remote learning, giving time for the administration to take these steps to ensure safety of staff and students, as we have already effectively remote learned last year. We have the tools and technology for this type of adjustment so why not implement it? Students should not have to forget about the threats being made and the tragic deaths of 4 students at Oxford High School; they shouldn’t be expected to return back to school like nothing happened. 

       We are unable to forget. We agree that we cannot live in fear forever, but now is not the time to return back to school with the state of distress staff and students are in.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the thoughts and feelings of the student body.

Sincerely, the FHS student body.

319 have signed. Let’s get to 500!