Petition to Prohibit the Utilization of Plastic Utensils in FEU-NRMF's Cafeteria

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Camille Fababier started this petition to FEU-NRMF’s Chairman/CEO Antonio H. Abad Jr. and
  1. Introduction to the Problem
    People are needed to eat at least three times a day on average. In order for humans to eat with proper etiquette, utensils are used. Unfortunately, many food establishments now here in the Philippines are using the plastic ones. One example is the Far Eastern University - Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation’s Cafeteria. Plastic pollution, on the other hand, is threatening the environment. A lot of plastic can be single-use, but that doesn't mean it can be easily disposed. Plastic can take up to a thousand years to decompose when discarded in landfills or in the environment. So as a solution, prohibiting everyone from using plastic utensils in FEU-NRMF's cafeteria will not just lessen the enormous number of plastic wastes, but will also aid our environment from living longer and healthier.

  2. Statistics
    Based on the statistics, in Quezon City, the Biodegradable Wastes have the highest percentage at 53.95%, followed by Residual
    wastes at 25.76%, and Recyclable materials at 20.30%. Among the Recyclable Wastes, Plastic has the highest percentage at 9.64%, followed by Paper at 8.65%, Glass and Bottles at 1.15% and Metals at 0.86%. 

  3. Consequences

    Flooding - Plastic utensils can be found spread all over the streets. It also contributes to the causes of floods in the Philippines.

    o Pollution of Waterways - Micro-plastic waste makes its way into our soil, groundwater, etc.  – ultimately into our food and drinking water.

    Harmful to Human Health - Risks of developing kidney stones, breast and liver cancers, reduced sperm count, and hormonal imbalances in humans are from the plastic cutlers used on daily basis.


  4. Merits/Benefits

    o Reduces Oil Consumption - The plastic needed to manufacture plastic bags is made from natural gas or crude oil derivatives. This means that the more plastic bags are manufactured the more nonrenewable fossils fuel will be consumed.

    o Reduces Wastes - The amount of waste that goes to landfills will be decreased.

    Saves Energy - The manufacturing process of plastic bags is a long and complicated one. Therefore, it consumes a significant amount of energy.


  5. Philosophical View

    In philosophical view, this will go under the Social Ecology. This is because through this implementation, there’s a change – prohibit the utilization of plastic utensils, that will solve one of the environmental problems in a community which is flooding.

  6. Solution
    o Every costumer in the cafeteria should bring their own utensil.

    o Cafeteria concessionaires should provide metal utensils for their customers.

  7. Closing Statement
    Truly, single use plastic utensil has especially become easily disposable leading to as one of the causes of plastic pollution. But when we attempt to modify our lifestyle by gradually removing this type of plastic first, little by little, we will get used of not using plastics anymore. As a result, plastic pollution will later disappear.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!