Ban October Evans from Fetlife

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A user going by the pseudonym October Evans has harassed members of various social media sites since at least August of 2019. We want her banned from Fetlife as a way of preventing her from having easy access to victims. For more information on October Evans, including emails and screenshots of her social media posts, please check the Blacklist here.

She uses various sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, to help raise money for her projects. In the summer of 2019 she applied to Phoenix Collective, a networking group for transgender people. Shortly after her application, mods at the site were contacted about her history of aggressive behavior towards other members of the community and shady practices regarding her funding. At one point, she sent an email claiming she was planning on killing herself by hanging in front of the house of one of her harassment victims.

In the following year, we have discovered that she has directly stolen the funds she was claiming to raise for two separate charities. She used the musician platforming website Bandzoggle to harass individuals who made posts in any way regarding her work. Bandzoggle did nothing to stop this behavior, responding to our concerns with a multiple-paragraph email stating how they weren't liable, and only removed her profile after massive community outreach.

We believe that the only way to stop October Evans from further defrauding members of the community and from finding more victims is to deplatform her. We cannot educate everyone and we need to keep our communities safe from predators like October Evans. Her brand of violent behavior and grifting is not welcome in our communities.