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Upon entrance, Outside Lands requires all refillable water bottles to be emptied. Inside the music festival, you can fill it up, but for a cost of $1 per 20 ounces of water.

You can buy $3 disposable bottles of water, and beer of course, at nearly every corner of the park, but there is only one refillable water station. At a festival with 4 stages and 65,000 attendees, this lone refillable station is difficult to access.

I understand that there is a cost for the festival to provide water to attendees. But for an all-day, single admittance event where alcohol is commonplace and tickets cost upwards of $100 each day - access to refillable water is only a reasonable request, but a safety measure.

The Outside Lands Festival should make statement and provide free refillable water to attendees. Promote sustainability. Promote good health. Protect music lovers!

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