Women with late stage Endometriosis should be eligible to have their eggs frozen on NHS

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Women who are in the late stages of Endometriosis (stage 3 or 4) are not eligible to have their eggs frozen through the NHS. 

My story - I have late stage 3 nearly 4 Endometriosis. I am 26 and it took 8 years to be taken seriously about my pain, within 2 years I had gone up to stage 3, which caused a cyst to constrict my fallopian tube, causing my ovary to die and cause horrendous pain. I was on deaths door in hospital with a rupturing cyst and a contorted ovary. My surgery lasted 4 hours as the endo had grown over my bowel, intestines, bladder and womb, which made it nearly impossible to get to the rupturing cyst. After my surgery I asked if it was possible to have some eggs frozen incase the same situation happens again... I was laughed at... litrally. Over the past 2 years since losing my ovary I have undergone most invasive test, and treatments including Zoladex injections. I have asked and asked about having my eggs frozen, to always be told no, I’m not eligible. Instead the best advice was to start trying for a baby, and in 1 year I MIGHT be able to have IVF on the NHS. I feel forced into trying for a baby, out of fear that I will lose my remaining ovary or having my endo get to the end of stage 4, which the only effective treatment after that would be to have a hysterectomy, obviously meaning I won’t be able to have children at all. 

So this is why I have started this campaign to let women like myself have the chance to have their eggs frozen on the NHS, without worrying that they have no option left but he forced into situations like mine. 

I want to be a Mum, but I am not ready. I want to be in a position where I can provide for the child, and be in a stable relationship. If I feel like this I’m sure I have more endo sisters out there that are going through the same as me. 

“The possibility of not being able to have children piles on the pain for women with the already debilitating condition of Endometriosis. Freezing eggs would offer some hope in a very difficult situation.” - Rebecca Farkas

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