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Experience Level: Advanced

Size: Ferret can grow to 20 inches (50 cm) long
Life expectancy: you can live ferrets 7-9 years
Operation: Ferrets are more active during the day; While they are in progress around, sometimes, sleep

Did you know: They can have a very strong smell, the men ferrets. The English translation does not particularly change the scientific name of ferrets is a "stinking thief.

How do I set the home of a ferret?

You can live happily in social studies, ferrets in pairs or groups and can be litter box trained.
For your ferret will need at least 30 X 29 X Eighteen inches to maintain (in this case to accommodate the number of larger ferrets) and the plate of food, kept in the house hiding the bottles in a well-ventilated area and sufficient size, multi-level cage. Ferrets, sleep, exercise, and habitat using the litter box should have a separate space.
65 to 75 are also placed in direct sunlight habitat room mild, low humidity of F (18-24 degrees C).
So far Place triangles on a bed of sand in your ferret food and water in the corner of the cage. Garbage fill pellets made from recycled paper.

What eats has a ferret?

It should be included in your diet pills commercial ferret food and fruits.

Food pellets the most delicious little different mix of ferrets food are collected, it is ideal. The pellets accounted for 95% of the diet of a ferret. Keep three glasses filled with about 4 minutes, once a day, feed your ferret.
Once a week, to find an apple, banana, melon, fruit or another appropriate service within the fruit. It must be composed of 5% or less without their diet.
Your ferret always fresh and make sure you have access to drinking water.
How to play the boyfriend of my ferret?
Ferrets, like your private space. Getting your ferret receives a hammock or tent for each ride hanging.

Ferrets like to chew toys with hard plastic or cloth; They can also enjoy the "hunt" of optimal through a tunnel route game.

Exercise, walking to put your ferret on a leash to prevent leakage or corral.

Store toys and accessories ferret habitat

How to prevent ferret health?

After giving them time to adjust to take home for 3-4 days, they try not to face the new ferret.

Geudeulyiyi that can be tempting to chew and swallow a piece of soft items not play in ferrets, foam mattress or cushion. It does not provide toys made of rubber or foam ferrets.

Ferrets do not remain separate, because of this type of mixture with cats and dogs.

If your case is resolved ferret found these signs of stress or illness, consult your veterinarian with experience in small animals:

Of course, they sink or puffy eyes
lethargic behavior
bald spots on the fur
Difficulty urinating
Weight loss; No eating or drinking in general,
sneezing; Eyes, nose, mouth, emissions
Diarrhea or discolored stools
PET Safety Tips
Be careful when handling a pet, you should be aware that (especially stress) that can bite wounds.
Not grip the skin or tail.
Supervise children around pets.
All animals are potentially infectious viruses, bacteria, fungi and the human body can perform a parasitic disease.
A background before and after contact with domestic animals or their habitat, washing hands with soap and warm water.
Adults can help children with hand washing after contact with pets, aquarium habitat or water.

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