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Ban non-service dogs on NYC Subways.

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As a person with an auto-immune disease and severe health problems, I have become dismayed by the increasing number of medium to large dogs in non-enclosed containers.

New York has some of the highest rates of asthma in the country due to pollution, dust, mold, rats and cockroaches. Unfortunately, frequent and enclosed exposure to the dander of animals is also an allergy and asthma trigger. Riding the subway is a necessity for most New Yorkers but riding the subway with a dog, in most cases, is not. Riding to work on a hot day in an enclosed car with a large or medium dog is a horrible experience for those with extreme allergies. In this environment I have experienced swelling eyes, nausea and eventually a severe migraines. Experiencing an allergy attack is double disabling to me because it can cause my immune system to then attack internal organs.

Many dog owners see the right for their dog to ride the subway as a necessity of convenience. But getting my children to school and feeding my family everyday are actual necessities.

Service Animals with a proper harnesses should never be excluded from public transportation due to the undeniable needs of physicallay disabled people, such as the blind or deaf. People who require a Service Dog to accomplish basic and necessary tasks have an equal right to ride the subway. The promotion of equal rights for all humans benefits the greater good of all New Yorkers. But the abuse of "mental therapy dog" exceptions undermines the rights of those who are legitimately physically disabled.

Riding the subway with a pet dog or even "mental therapy dog" benifits only it's owner, not the other riders. Any dog, no matter how gentile at home" can still bite. About half the dogs that I have seen on the subway look visibly agitated, despite their owners insistane otherwise.

Many children and even adults are frightened of dogs and it is unfair for any rider, especially small children, to feel endangered. Dogs are not rational, they can not fully control themselves when stressed, unless specifically trained. Riders who bring pets on the subway refuse to accept this fact or are just unconcerned.

The new MTA regulations with regards to dogs, particularly the omission of a weight limit, has lead to serious abuse. Most medium to large dogs are in un-closed bags, on the floor, on a lap or even on a seat. An owner's abuse of the law tends to be tolerated by other riders depending upon the dog owner's race, sex and class. This is very wrong and needs to stop. The tendency to bend or ignore the current law is why there should be a BAN OF ALL NON-SERVICE ANIMALS ON THE NYC SUBWAY.

In an ideal world, all Dog would be well trained, all people would be polite, subway cars would never be crowded and no one would have severe health concerns. But we do not live in an ideal world, we live together in New York City. And I love NYC.

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