Fern Mountain Adventure Park

Fern Mountain Adventure Park

May 3, 2022
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Started by Jaime Stout

Let's Make It Happen! 

The Fern Mountain Trust Authority is a public trust created by the Muskogee County commissioners, supported by vote of Muskogee City council and Fort Gibson city council, to directly rebuild a financially self-sustaining tourism economy devastated by the Corona pandemic. This is a 
future looking quality of life infrastructure, inherently creating healthy lifestyle, enhancing our regional community by creating access within our communities and to create a new Adventure in Green Country.
We are directly addressing the negative economic impacts of the Covid pandemic by creating jobs and allowing new income zones for small businesses in the public sector. We will replace significant lost 
public sector revenues. The Grant will fund the following framework:
1) Fern Mountain Adventure Park, a 300-acre park with free public trail system for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The park will have 5 miles of walking trails and 5 miles of adventure trails. There will be three recreational lakes. There will be six different zip lines up to 3000 feet, treetop adventure system, via ferrata cliff climbing, and a gondola to increase access 
to those of limited mobility and young families. This will be an educational experience for children in cooperation with the wildlife department. Expected gross revenue, $5.5 million/yr.
2) a public water taxi system based at the existing Three Rivers Marina will be the first to open the Neosho-Grand River, Verdigris River, the Arkansas River, and the bayous systems of our area to commercial and recreational access. Expected revenues $2.5million/yr.
3) Approximately 50 miles of additional trails will be created in Muscogee, Wagner, Cherokee and surrounding counties connecting into existing and developing bicycle trails and tourism sites in Muskogee and Fort Gibson and extending into additional communities. These trails will create 
new economic zones at opportunities for safe, carbon free transportation for citizens improve their quality of life 
4) creation of a Bridge Park over the Arkansas River by repurpose and existing bridges designated for demolition into public spaces ideal for innovative use saving millions in the process. Tis will allow safe bicycle and pedestrian traffic through a unique river park space.
5) creation of a Black Cultural Museum, educating all of us, from the forced migration through the -Civil War and reconstruction changing rural economies to the modern era black cultural experience in Eastern Oklahoma. Re-creating farm experience to township and urban migration
building spaces to provide educational interactive experience for those wishing to understand more. Gathering and cataloging personal and cultural experience from hose that were there
6) We will develop a tourism APP based on GPS system that will be integral to the entire regional development by connecting location and exhibits to the history and culture in that place. Interactive by design it will allow a dynamic interface for residents and visitors alike



Let's show the State of Oklahoma we want to see Fern Mountain Adventure Park here in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Show your support by signing the petition today. 

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Signatures: 350Next Goal: 500
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