PETITION TO Save Necarne From Our Council's Private Process.

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We need your help - Please read this up date and see list of needs!

Council have refused to allow us to present concerns, and refuse all communications and dialogue. Listening to our concerns or attending public meetings is not a conflict of interest. They are elected to represent the community in all decisions. This is according to their mandatory code of conduct. The Chief Executive who does not want the councillors to listen to community needs, concerns or a more appropriate future for the publicly funded community asset and the £5 million invested. The Council had written to us and said they would fully engage with us after their process is over. Now they have moved the goal posts and the CEO says they will engage with all stakeholders after they have agreed a lease to a private investor and then they can tweak the terms of the new lease! We assume this is to soften the blow of handing Necarne over to benefit private profit agenda. The last lease with DARD gave full year round recreational use to local community, and equestrian and non equestrian events and arrangements for maintenance of estate etc. However in reality this meant nothing - loads of groups who need and want to use Necarne - from big events, to scouts, to children riding in cold and windy conditions who wanted to use indoor arena, to cyclists and runners events, even a picnic by the senior citizens, all got refused and the estate has been allowed to run down deplorably. So lease adjustments with new private investor we know mean nothing. We cannot allow all the benefits and profits from this publicly funded community asset to be handed over to a private investor, instead of benefiting the community and putting community needs and empowerment first. There is nothing a community trust project manager could not run or set up that a private investor could - it just might take a little longer to set up. Then all the profits from events and tourism would go back to benefit the community. Also as a not for profit trust it would meet the criteria to draw down funding to save castle and to set up equine therapy so everyone in our community could feel healthier and enjoy Necarne in an equable way. Now we are approaching the 14th of December we need your help! Things you can do. 1. Come to public meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th December at Mahon's Hotel - so we can all come together and decide what to do. 2. Phone, email, talk to your councillors - tell them - handing Necarne over to any private investor will never be right - economically, or ethically - we can prove it's the wrong choice and there is a better option - if they listen! Make sure they vote NO to all expressions of interest and vote to fully engage with the community and all stakeholders. Tell them you want them to vote for a recorded vote so we know who voted for / against the expression of Interest. 3. Get as many as you can to sign this petition, COMMENTS ARE VITAL - as they go direct to councillors when you comment on this petition. Tell the Councillors - No lease adjustments will ever justify the injustice of handing Necarne over to a private investor, because it is wrong for the community, is against council policies, and makes no sense economically. Tell them to vote against all expressions of interest and insist on a fully open, transparent process that fully engages with all stakeholders and the community so all needs and potential are fully explored and the community is fully empowered to meet needs and develop Necarne to its potential. Tell them to follow their own policies of community empowerment, openness, listening and accountability by engaging in an inclusive community conversation. All we want is a fair open, inclusive process that listens to community and assesses all needs and potential. 4. Tell everyone you know about this situation - that Necarne is about to be handed over to a private investor - this means many negatives - NO turning back, No Accountability, No scoping and responding to local health and wellbeing needs via evidence of extremely effective equine therapy, No appropriate priorities based on needs - only priority is profit. No local voice in service design, and the disempowerment of and asset stripping from community, as well as passing benefits of the £5 plus million of public funds to a private investor instead of community benefits via Community Asset Transfer. Necarne needs us now - the castle is at critical risk - only a non profit organisation is eligible for a grant from Heritage Lottery to repair it. It must remain part of the estate. Last time the council leased the castle was left to stand alone - it needs to be part of a project to justify its restoration. Necarne is a community asset - so please don't allow it to be handed over to any private investor, no matter what great ideas they have - it belongs to the community who love and care for it and really need it to meet genuine health and wellbeing needs as well as saving heritage.

Saving Necarne
4 years ago