Stop FODC's Draconian policy on dog owners.

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Pets Lost and Found Fermanagh understands that Fermanagh & Omagh District Council are bringing forward proposals to impose dog exclusion zones across council play parks, playing fields or play areas. This apparently extends to include the likes of the Round 'O' in Enniskillen.

While we are very supportive of efforts to ensure all dog owners take responsibility for their dogs' behaviour and clean up after them - we believe that the proposal under consideration is draconian.

This will severely damage tourism in Fermanagh as many people who visit our beautiful county on our famed lakes also bring their dogs and with no public dog friendly area this will no longer be an option.

We understand that councillors from a number of parties asked where in Enniskillen (or Omagh) would be open to dog owners to play with their dogs or allow them to have a run for their health. The answer provided was that nowhere would be available (yet).

While there is a promise of such an area - the council appear determined to move ahead with a ban on dogs on any council-owned green areas.

The council will have to consult on this proposal and we will be urging concerned dog owners to raise their opposition. Dogs have a right to exercise, run and play freely - provided their owners are responsible and clean up after them.
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