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Netflix to create a season of Joss Whedon's Fray

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Fray is the first graphic novel produced by Joss Whedon. It tells the story of a vampire slayer in the distant future with no knowledge of her heritage. Although based in the Buffy universe this graphic novel stands alone and won critical acclaim on its own merit.

Netflix has produced numerous high quality series' based on original works by Marvel. They have proved that they would be ideally suited to making Fray a live action television series and would do justice to the IP.

On screen Fray would have the freedom to reinterpret the lore of the Buffy universe in an entirely new and unfamiliar setting. Plenty has happened in the real world since the original series aired and the story of Fray can continue to reflect current events and life much as Buffy did in the 90's. Without direct reference, it could provide closure to the events of Buffy and Angel and present opportunities for flashbacks or special guest appearances by long-lived characters (or those able to travel through time).

Times change but people don't. There are always compelling new stories to be told. A partnership between Joss Whedon and Netflix is long overdue. Sign this petition and prove that there is demand for a live action series.

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