Demote Aristo from GOS Staff

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So. Aristo has come to my attention as a incredibly toxic and poorly mannered individual who seems to hold a grudge against many uses of the platform and has been seen to abuse his rights both on discord and the GOS forum. We ask not for a instant demotion merely a platform for us to speak with Feretorix about the issue at hand. Make no mistake I have no issue with Aristo at a personal level. I'm sure i could like the guy. But he is giving GOS a bad name which is even worse considering its current situation.  I would also hate to be petty but I think he is unsuitable for supporting those who speak English and can down right confuse some people. I have also noticed that trainee supports appear to be more efficient than him. These are however merely nitpicks but I still believe them to be worth mentioning. As stated by the support and moderator guidelines he appears to be breaking them.

A Support must speak fluent English and be well behaved. If he achieves this he becomes a moderator. We have evidence to show that Aristo is failing at both. It is also evident he lacks patience. Especially against those he has a grudge against

MSG on discord if you have any anecdotes or points to back this up

Cool Kid#9363

Here is the staff guidelines page:

Yours sincerely Wilbur 'wilburforce666' or 'Cool Kid'

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