Petition to get fenty beauty in india

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Indians are tired and sick of paying twice the customs amount to order online from various instagram pages. We just want fenty beauty to come to our indian sephora to replace the old outdated makeup being sold here. As much as we enjoy our 'lakme','revlon' etc. WE NEED FENTY BEAUTY HERE SO WE CAN SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. we dont have highlighters as GOLDD  as the killawatts. We dont have lipsticks as bomb as the mattemoiselles. We dont have glosses as glossssy and juicey as the gloss bomb. We need our makeup to stay on while we sweat our as*es off in this hot weather. WE. NEED. FENTY. BEAUTY. 

We deserve to look almost as ethereal as queen riri ;_;