Bring Back MakeUp Hunters News My Insta is gone because of FALSE Fenty Copyright Claims

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Let fenty know that you do not support and accept  how they deal with fans & fair use law, it’s illegal, scandalous & notacceptable, this situation make me so sad � I can’t believe what happen makeuphuntersnews is 1Month offline. They stole so much of my time & no one response to my mails.

it's just arrogant, unacceptable and criminal claim fair use positive content. 
Write fenty an email and let the brand know what you think about the situation about the censors and the whole situation.

Email : 

My page #makeuphuntersnews is gone, because of multiple FALSE Copyright Claims by a FENTY BEAUTY third Party.

Makeuphuntersnews was reported several times by them, and as a result I lost my account & 102k+ followers one day after my birthday 01/08. Instagram delted the account because of violate their terms of use.

The third party reported my fair use fenty content without legitimate cause and ignore United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Its illegal and scandalous what happen.

I put a lot of time and effort into my page and earn my 102k following, and I believe I deserve it back. The reported FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna photos were from official, legal sources, Sideman reported anything, and violate the instagram guidelines ! i try anything, its hard to get a disable Insta page back after multiple Copyright reports. 

I only reposted what was widely shared across instagram or posted by the Brand and affiliated Partners, i got illegal claims. I tried to contact FENTY, KENDO, LVMH, SIDEMAN & INSTAGRAM serval times and no one helps me to get my page back ! My page is gone because of a mistake by Fentys Third Party Team. I need your Help & ATTENTION to contact Fenty.

Please Help Me

Maja [Maia], MakeUp Hunters News 



I have tried to contact several Fenty-affiliated parties regarding this, but no one will respond or attempt to resolve the situation. I feel that I have been unfairly targeted and they have tried to make an example out of me, but my posts were not harmful to their brand in any way - if anything, it was the opposite, since I offered information, free promo to my 102K followers.  No one will help me fix this mistake and get my Account with over 100.000 followers back. My hard work, my biggest hobby, and my community are gone, because Fenty reported posts that they had no right to claim. I have been fighting for weeks for my page to be restored. Please tag, email, and otherwise get the attention of Fenty, LVMH, Sideman & Bancroft, and/or Instagram. This is unbelievable, scandalous, unprofessional, not fair, not right & illegal. I need my page back! Fenty must delete the FALSE, not legitime illegal claim ! Fenty saw all DMs and ignored me.

INFOS: makeuphuntersnews1 

Fenty Beauty Instagram FALSE Copyright Claims Horror Story:





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  • use my hashtag #bringbackmakeuphunters 
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  • talk about what happen to my


Hey Guys,

Pls sign this petition and join me in pleading for Instagram Fenty to reactivate my Beauty Launch Update Insta Page @makeuphuntersnews ! i can’t get my page back without any help, thank you for your support, all DMs, motivation & your help 

Maja (Maia) 

all delted posts, Infos & updates about the false legal claims, about my makeuphuntersnews page: makeuphuntersnews1