stop the space project from closing

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The space project is set up by government funding, for mothers who are experiencing problems within there family, loosing there child(ren). The space projects aim is to work with mums who have had there children removed for adoption, foster care or to live with other family members. 

This project has not only helped me hugely a through some very dark lonely times it has helped other mums with simular situations. Wether it's been help with appointments, housing, money troubles, courts, mediation services, helping us to come to terms with what's happened and move forward positively and prevent it from happening again. Anything that we struggle with they are there to help!


Without the space project I wouldn't be as far forward as I am now with getting my life back together and on the right road. It has deffinately improved my way of thinking. Without the space project me along side other mums who dont have any family or any professional body to help us will find our selves falling back and struggling again.