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Fence in the David Crombie Park


To: Mayor Rob Rod,

City of Toronto


We, the undersigned, petition the City of Toronto to install and maintain fencing for the perimeter of the David Combie Park, located at 131-171 The Esplanade.


This is a multiple use park. It is an off leash park, baseball diamond, and soccer field. The common equipment used in all the of the uses of the park is BALLS. Balls are used for both games and a form of exercise for the dogs. The issue is safety for all. Traffic has increased with the growth of our community and when balls happen to go outside of the park, for many reasons, it would be safer for all if there was a fence in place to either stop the ball or stop the person or dog from ending up in the traffic from chasing after a ball. Children have dated into traffic chasing after balls. Dogs have darted out and gotten hit by cars. Our park is becoming stronger with more use within our community, therefore we want it to be as safe as possible without disturbing the multiple uses of the park.  

Letter to
The City of Toronto
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The City of Toronto.

Fence in the David Crombie Park

We, the citizens of Toronto who use the David Crombie Park located at 131 to 171 The Esplanade at Lower Sherbourne Street, petition the city The dog park is listed as fully fenced. This is misleading. We want the dog park to be fenced in at the intersection of The Esplanade and Lower Sherbourne Street. Drivers typically speed through the busy intersection at 40 mph or more while the dogs are playing in the park. This is a problem because some dogs have run across the street and injured themselves. One example, is Phoebe a beagle who saw another dog named Jill cross the street and ran to greet her. The only problem with this is that Phoebe had to undergo several surgeries because of this accident. We still aren’t sure what will happen to her (August 9th, 2011). Many people have written petitions for this before and nothing was done to solve this issue. If the dog park was fenced years ago, this would not have happened. The reason nothing was done was because there is a baseball diamond there. However, no one actually plays there because it is not safe. There are pot holes everywhere. It’s not safe to walk. If they were to run after a ball they would trip, fall, and possibly break a leg; they could sue. No schools play there because there are better and safer ball parks to play at. If a school brought a group of children out to play baseball for gym class to the David Crombie Park they could get into trouble with their parents. The parents could sue the school and the City of Toronto. Schools would avoid this, meaning the they would not bring them there.



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