Please free autistic Australian child from forced adoption in Amsterdam

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Hi, we are an Australian expatriate family working near Amsterdam Holland (father an IT project manager, mother a lawyer).  In February 2018 our dearly beloved five year old son Martin was needlessly taken by Dutch social services in the middle of the night, triggered by false neighbourhood gossip that closed curtains in a spare room meant abuse 'must' be happening there.  We have not seen Martin since.

Subsequent police investigations at our house confirmed no evidence of parental abuse or neglect.  However Dutch social services ignored the police report, and instead choose to hold Martin under extreme conditions of zero contact with his loving parents for 194 days and counting since 1st February, with zero future visits scheduled.  The decision to block all contact between the child and his parents is based upon the opinion of a special needs teacher we have never even met.

We believe Dutch social services have misdiagnosed autism as psychological abuse.  An independent child psychiatrist has examined Martin's medical dossier, videos and photos and concluded his symptoms exhibit a "strong correlation" with autism - a condition no parent can ever cause.  However Dutch social services choose to completely ignore this expert opinion and instead prefer the less qualified opinion of the special needs teacher.

Meanwhile Martin closely watches other children receive regular visits from their parents, but with a tear in his eye dreams whether one day his own loving parents will come for him too.

Martin apparently had an undiagnosed development delay which regular child doctor visits had not noticed, but once alerted to this by a Dutch social services doctor, we were naturally fully supportive of having him immediately treated.  But instead Dutch social services removed him from our home and until now Martin still hasn't received any treatment as far as we are aware.  Strangely, Dutch social services now say they need "at least another 6 months" on top of the already passed 5 months, in order to complete diagnosing Martin and before his treatment can even begin.

We are meanwhile advised to be content with a few photos and videos of Martin.  The impact on his self-esteem must be devastating – not knowing why he is suddenly living apart from his parents, or why they aren’t even coming to visit him.  Indeed dossier evidence reveals that now every night in the institution Martin wakes up screaming.  Which is also how he reacted the night Dutch social services removed him while he was peacefully sleeping at home.

Recently we requested a second medical opinion after being refused contact with Martin’s doctor, but Dutch social services instead applied to remove all parental medical authority and extend the out of home placement by nine months, rather than heeding the parents' normal and legally valid request.

We are highly concerned about Martin's welfare and well-being living in institutions, given the lack of personalised care and deep understanding of his unique personality and needs, as well as the lack of continuity of carer relationships in institutions - compared to the devoted ongoing care he is used to receiving from his parents.

Please help end our family's ongoing nightmare of tears by signing and sharing this petition if you think Martin’s best interests would be served by... 

Arranging immediate reunification of Martin with his parents, so they can rebuild a normal, healthy and loving family life and so Martin can again have a peaceful night's sleep.

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