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Changing the dress code rules at LCN

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At L'Anse Creuse High School North, we have certain rules and expectations, like most schools; including a dress code. Because of the dress code, we are expected to not show our shoulders, during class, in the halls, or even- might I add- school pictures. Our shoulders aren't innapropriate nor are they sexual objects; so for us girls to be forced to cover them up when they show is simply telling us that a non-sexual part of our body is innapropriate and wrong to show and that that part is more important than our education & self image. This has bothered most of us for years, yet nobody has said anything about it. Something should be said. From this petition, I, along with the rest of the girls that attend this school & schools around the country, hope to change the way women are looked at and percieved, simply by a rule. 

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