Fellow Indians, can we not talk before going to court?

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In a heavily-litigated court matter, a Supreme Court Judge (now retired) said to me in open court "Son, your father started this case and your child will have to conclude it." Reality hit me on my face. I realized that for fighting in Indian courts, even a life-time falls short, and in fact, the burden of litigation is passed down as a legacy to future generations, having the potential to wipe you and your family out completely -  economically, socially, physically and psychologically. I faced this first hand. And therefore, I believe, it is time that India and her citizens deserve a dispute management system that changes the way we prevent litigation, protect ourselves from adversities of disputes and resolve disputes, forever. 

Did you know the courts in India add nearly 40,000 cases per day on an average, and at the current rate of filing of new cases against the rate of disposal, by the year 2025, there will be over 6.19 crore cases pending, and will take about 587 years to dispose of!

Here are some more shocking facts..

- The average time taken for disposal of a civil case is estimated at 15 years and 7 years for a criminal case.

- Rs. 80,000 crores is lost every year due to loss of business because of attending court hearings, and that too without even accounting for professional fees!

- Even after litigating for decades, a High Court or Supreme Court Judge spends just 5-6 minutes to decide a case!

Here are some bizarre examples that defy human logic..

- Doshipura Court case over 2 acres of land was instituted in 1878, is over 138 years old and pending!

- Accused of stealing Rs. 57, a postman took 350 hearings over 29 years, to prove himself innocent.

- After 76 years, mortgaged land was returned to the owner on depositing Rs. 807.

- Lal Bihari spent 18 years to prove he was alive after wrongly declared dead by the Bihar Government.

- The oldest case in a High Court is dated 1 Jan 1958 and 9 Sept 1948 at the subordinate level.

It is said that if you want to know what "hell" is, live a life of a litigant and you would have experienced "living hell". After this lesson life offered me, I am determined to change, determined to make a change and I am determined to see that change through. Support 'Presolv360' - an initiative that assists citizens of India to prevent, protect and resolve disputes. Visit www.presolv360.com to support and be an integral part of this movement! 

Thank you!