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Stop the BKLYN Diocese from it conspiracy to close St. Agatha school

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         We have made great strides. Felix Ortiz has our back, and will rally with us. I was just interviewed by a newspaper last night (22nd), we refuse to sit down and let them take our school. I have begged my fellow sunset Parker's for to sign, but its like pulling teeth. A good deed done every day makes you fell good. Please take a moment for the children and help us. Saint Agatha school is a historical pillar in this community. Can't we  keep some part of our culture available to us.

        On January 9, 2017 the parents were informed by Brother Ralph from the Brooklyn Diocese, that our children's school would be closing as of June 30th, 2017. As we begged and pleaded Fathe Do gave no words of compassion or comfort. We sat there distraught. 

     Then the parents started to get angry and ask questions. Some answer were not correct what we realized was we were being lied to. We were told there was no money to repair the roof which had a leak, replace the windows, and update the wifi. The school needed about 1,000,000 dollars in repairs. 

       I spoke to a reliable insider who has informed me the school has a 1.2 million dollar surplus, and the Diocese has sabbotage efforts to repair these damages over the years. When contractors have come with inspectors and offered to do the work at reasonable prices, the diocese has said no. There plan has been to allow the school to run down so they can collect rent on the building from a Public School most likely. 

     The Diocese is in charge of giving us our sacraments of making us better Catholics. Our Diocese just stabbed every parishioner who donates to the school in the back, everone who buys a candy bar from our children, and every parent who had faith in them, and every alumni who has donated to the school

      Father Do will not help us. It has been insinuated that it would stunt his career. The children only know him as the priest who does morning prayers. He shows no interest in them or their activities. He has never attended an event while I was there, and my children said they have never spoken to him. 

       All the parents have are each other, and hopefully your signature. We need to raise a media firestorm to save this school, and we will. Imagine the children have no textbooks, no software, they played minecraft during technology, no STEM education, hardly any new up to date literature, no robotics, and the Diocese took my almost 7,000 tuition and cheated my children of a 21st century education. One of the parents set up a go fund me page. I was informed if she used the schools tax exempt number, the Diocese can take that money too. This is sick.

        Shame on them. Calling themselves representatives of the church and God. They sinned. They sinned against gods little lambs. This is the reason people leave the church. We the parents want to take our school from the Diocese. We want to become an academy and stand on our own. Pope Francis would be ashamed.

Please help us and sign our petition to save St. Agatha School.


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