Stop Buses Blocking Punch St. No mini bus depot in our small street. Share the load Mosman

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We ask to stop having this small, narrow street blocked with a bevy of buses forcing road users to drive up the wrong side of the road while overtaking up to 3 buses. Our driveways are also partially or completely blocked daily creating dangerous blind exiting. The pedestrian and driver danger, extra 24/7 noise and pollution has increased to an unsustainable level and needs to be reduced. We ask to move some of the recent extra services to surrounding streets and stop the not in service buses using this street as a means to avoid traffic lights. Share the load Mosman! We are not anti buses just anti this narrow street copping them all and being the only alternative. 

Since the closure of Clifford St all their bus services have been moved to Punch St. Additional services have also been added such as the 143 and 144 double length bendy buses. We now have 5 routes starting here. Previously there was no service on a Sunday, not anymore. Residents were not consultated or considered. There is a processsion of buses we and other road users have to overtake using the rhs of the road creating a dangerous st and an insurance  nightmare. Your insurance will not cover you if you use the rhs of the road, you will be at fault. Transport NSW will not compensate you either.

We have the additional problem of all the not in service buses 24/7 coming from Balmoral and Mandalong rd now using this street as a thoroughfare to Military Rd rather than staying on Awaba St and Military rd or being shared with Clifford St. They are not stopping here, just avoiding traffic lights. This is occurring 7 days a week now until after midnight. Traffic is not bad at those times there is no need to use this street. 

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