Bring back my daughter

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Help me get back my baby!

Eight months ago Felicia Ngassam my ex-fiance gave birth to our beautiful daughter. Unfortunately despite the fact that I took care of her and contributed to the baby's birth preparation, Felicia secretely gave birth to the baby. Even worse, she didn't put my name on the birth certificate of the baby as the father. 

She claims that I filed a restraining order against her when she was pregnant which I did indeed. For the records, during the past two years spent together, I've been victim of violence both physically and verbally. During the pregnancy Felicia continued with her abusive and violent behavior that put at risk the baby's life as well as ours. To protect the baby was advised by the Family Justice Center in the Bronx, to file a protection order that was granted by the judge. I finally dimissed the case 3 weeks later to calm her down, because she became even more upset.

Felicia since then decided to take her revenge on me by taking me legally out of the baby's life and preventing me to have any rights. She wants me to take care of the baby without having my name on the birth certificate as the father nor having the baby carry my name, which is an insult in our culture. 

I Call on you today to stand against injustice, abusive behaviors towards men, most importantly I call on you to help me give a father to my daughter. I do not want her to carry the burden of being called bastard, being bullied in school. What mother that loves her daughter will let her go through that such a trauma? I don't want my baby to grow up in the midst of hate and anger.

Please help me tell Felicia to give our daughter a happy father, who will love her, cherrish her and make her proud. 

Thank You 

Mekinda Mekinda Jr