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Many riders in the UK choose to ride bitless for various different reasons. There's an increasing amount of evidence in favour of riding bitless as it has been shown to reduce stress and things such as behavioural issues.

Whilst most riders opt for the bit, those who do not should be allowed to compete at British Dressage events in the UK. Currently it's not allowed, despite several petitions and riders speaking out against it. The FEI haven't considered the benefits and say it'd be unfair to judge those without bits to bitted horses. However, there are many ways around this and if the rider was happy doing so, it shouldn't be a problem.

Another argument is that there's no 'acceptance of the bridle' which is also interpreted as acceptance of the bit. However, bitless riders can achieve collection/bridle acceptance, in many cases, just as well as bitted riders, and may even be considered more natural-looking than bitted.

I'm asking you to sign this petition in order to allow many riders across the UK to compete freely and to enable everyone to take part, bitted or not. These rules should be reviewed in order to reflect current times, where an increasing number of riders are choosing the more natural approach of bitless riding for their horses.

The FEI have the power to make this change. We have the power to bring it to their attention.There's strength in numbers!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please sign the petition and share!