We deserve a full refund - RnB live Melbourne

We deserve a full refund - RnB live Melbourne

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Melissa Richardson started this petition to RnB live and

To all of those concerned,

I have created this petition in regards to the appalling concert that was RnB live Melbourne held on Saturday 10th November at Marvel Stadium. In relation to consumer affair rights I am asking for a full refund as the concert failed to deliver what was advertised and promised on so many different levels.

Fatman scoop was advertised to host, and he did not, instead Ash London Live did. I saw him once throughout the whole concert. I paid my money to see him, not a radio host I barely know.

The sound, video and lighting throughout the whole concert was horrible. The tiny screens provided kept blacking out and malfunctioning. And the sound quality made it impossible to even distinguish what song the artists were singing. It was muffled, distorted, and so quiet I could hear all conversations going on around me. Just plain horrible. The equivalence of listening to a concert in a cave. It echoed everywhere I went.

The whole night from start to end was disorganized and unsafe. As the venue was under staffed for the capacity of patrons security guards at the gates were not doing hand bag checks or scanning people. They just wanted to get them through as quickly as possible. Considering what just happened at Bourke street Mall I expected the security protocols to be more strict, but anyone could have bought anything in.

This was an all ages event, and I did see children there. There was no responsible serving of alcohol. When purchasing drinks ID's were not being checked and drink restrictions were not being followed. The combination of this and the fact that in order to buy drinks you would be waiting in line for over 40 minutes led to a lot of binge drinking from many patrons. In a large majority of general admission areas there were people smoking cigarettes and marijuana, and also fights breaking out. People were passing out, falling over and getting crushed in the general admin area. Security guards (the few that were there) did nothing. I am absolutely convinced that if an evacuation needed to happen, people would have died.There was only 2 entries/exits open for 50,000 people. They are very lucky a riot did not break out and that no one died as a result of the poor organization and execution of this event.

The ground was also littered with 1,000's of plastic cups and trays that people were tripping over or slipping on. So many people fell down stairs as a result of this.

The lines for drinks, food and toilets had a minimum wait of 40+ minutes. There was no free water on offer. The only way to get water was to pay $6.50 and the line to buy water was the same line to buy alcohol. Needless to say you would be waiting a very long time...hence why people were passing out in the line.

A minimal amount of toilets were open to use, which resulted in women by the hundreds having no choice but to use the male toilets. And of the toilets available, they were in a disgusting state.

Overall, I am appalled by what I had to experience and can only describe it as the worst concert I've ever been to. I feel my rights as a patron were violated and I am entitled to a full refund.

If you went to the RnB live Melbourne concert and feel that this too was your experience of the event, sign this petition so we can let the organisers know just how unhappy we truly are. We all deserve a full refund of our money.

You can also join the below group which was started by myself as a way for us all to come together and voice our complaints and dissatisfaction with the event:


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!