Diamonds refund and proper compensation for fraudulent sales strategy in KOF UM OL

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On saturday may 5th, the staff of the mobile game King Of Fighter 98 Ultimate Match On Line (also known as KOF98 UM OL) place at the in game market place a package denominated Fighter Weapon Awaken Pack with a cost of 1299 Diamonds (the denomination for in game currency). The mentiones pack description stated weapon fragments as well other items as the pack contents. When the pack was purchased and opened it was giving full weapon items instead of fragments of such weapons. Many players, moved for the oportunity of getting weapon items for a reduced price, purchased the mentiones digital package, some other players make recharges (purchase diamonds with real money) so they can take this extraordinary oportunity. Later the developer identify as Game-bean on the play store, comunicate in its facebook page (never trough in game means) that the Fighter Weapon Awaken Pack had a Bug (informatic error) that was giving full weapons instead of fragments. The developer in a arbitrary decision, set up an "Emergency Mantanaince" on monday may 7th, after whih all the obtained items were removed from the payers that purchased the above mentioned package, returning some of the material used to upgrade some fighters, stating the correct (by they opinion) items will be distributes and never provise or offer diamond refunds of recharged amount reimbursements. The mentioned bug, bosted the sales of the package "affected by it" and the fix deployed by the company only benefits them, not the consumer. Even when the error can hit the in game balance, afecting the game experience, the decision made by the developer is one sided and in detriment of the customer (player). If the goods obtaneid are to be changed for different items the correct solution would be to refund and reimburse the customer what was spend and then the customer should decide if they want to purchase the new items or not.

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