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FedEx: Stop discrimination in the hiring/retention of African-Americans and Women

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Fedex generates its revenue from substantial contracts with the federal government. Since 2000, Fedex has been awarded nearly $14bil in federal contracts, but has strategically and systemically maneuvered around anti-discrimination laws such as Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Equal Pay Act of 1963 and The Civil Rights Act of 1991 which provides monetary damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination. Nationally in the U.S., Fedex used temporary-employment-agencies as a "filtration-system" which provided greater employment opportunities and pay for non-African-Americans and men.

Nationally, contracts that were awarded to Fedex by federal government, were then transferred to Non-African-Americans and men which created a system of differentiating-payscales to be used on at-large African-Americans -- a direct violation of The Equal Pay Act.

The Process of Discrimination at Fedex:

1) An applicant applies for employment at a Fedex terminal;

2) Fedex management then re-routes the applicant to a "temp agency";

3) The Temp-agency then becomes the employer of the applicant;

4) The applicant is then diverted to areas with differing pay-scales - for example, a courier would be place with a "Route-owner" who would then pay a salaried-wage. Because there are numerous "Route-owners", two completely different applicants performing the same work, receives different pay -- a violation of DOL 11246 and Federal Equal Pay Act. A courier performing work under a "Route-owner", is paid a salary which relieves the company from paying overtime-wages. Often during peak-season, the hours of a courier performing work under the "Route-owner", is extensive and misses out on time and a half which would be earned otherwise had the applicant not been placed with the "Route-owner".

5) Because the applicant was redirected to the Temp-agency, the applicant is forever considered a "Part-time-employee" with no realistic full-time-opportunity for employment with Fedex. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The company promotes  hiring consistently, indicating a dire need for positions to be filled permanently;

6) Fedex then selects the applicants it desires to "keep on board" through use of the Temporary-agency as an illegal-filter.

We are asking that ANY individual who applied for work at Fedex and was redirected to a temporary employment agency, to contact us immediately to list themselves on the roster for a Class Action Settlement.

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Contact: Darrick Adams

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