WEVOLV FIBA Import Athletes: Demanding The Minimum Standard

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Jori Davis ha iniciado esta petición dirigida a Fédération Internationale de Basketball; FIBA y

Statement of Purpose

The aim of this petition is to ensure FIBA ​​- the apex body of the world's basketball movement - and its umbrella of relevant stakeholders and governing bodies are performing to the highest standard in terms of transparency and accountability. 

The principal objective of responsible sporting bodies is to promote their sport, its participants, and its consumption at the highest levels. It is clear that different leagues have differing structures for organization and governance; however, sports organizations and governing bodies at the local, national, pan-European, and international levels have roles, responsibilities, and duties which are similar to those of corporate boards, governments, or a judicial body.

FIBA's general statutes oblige Basketball Parties "to ensure that basketball worldwide is both administered and played within a framework of ethical, honest, fair, transparent, democratic, credible, dignified, and professional behavior, and in the spirit of fair play and integrity." FIBA also declares, vide Article 4 of their General Statutes, to "undertake and/or do all such things or activities as are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of its mission and role." The standards discussed in this petition demand due diligence as the minimum tangible step in following through on Article 4 and initiating the protection of, in particular, international expat basketball players.

Entities such as FIBA ​​and other bodies that represent the sport of basketball earn their legitimacy through transparency and accountability to those who represent the sport. Governing bodies must recognize and pursue the aims of cultural and social cohesion through the sport of basketball. In particular, any special treatment or discrimination based on any grounds such as sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, language, religion or belief, political or other opinion, membership of a national minority, age or sexual orientation must be rooted out and prohibited.

The implementation of these significant ideas is indeed a crucial step toward protecting the integrity of contemporary basketball from the current paradigm that stagnates and endangers its continued competitiveness and growth. It is also a positive step forward in developing a more inclusive game in the interest and satisfaction of fans, players, clubs, and national basketball federations.


In the following statements, “WE” refers directly to the athletes who have freely chosen to sign this petition in agreement with all its demands. 


  1. In the absence of a body that represents and protects the interests of overseas athletes practicing their craft - WE want a global unified union for "import players."
  2. The inclusion of rest periods during the season reduce the risk of injury, and improve performance and player wellbeing - WE want a minimum of 5 consecutive days off during the break period of the clubs choosing - depending on the climatology of each region - Christmas, national team breaks, or any holiday periods.
  3. In the interest of the overall health and growth of the sport, WE want transparency and access to our data (salary insights, fan engagement analytics, and any other personalized data points that can foster new and innovative ways for athletes to make career decisions).
  4. WE want access to a comprehensive and effective method of agent and team reporting to the appropriate stakeholder or governing body. In order to foster a culture of trust and responsiveness, it is crucial for direct stakeholders and/or individuals who may have access to privileged information to also have access to a reliable reporting mechanism.

Working Conditions

  1. WE want a minimum wage for all import players in their first 2 years - 800 euro a month.
  2. WE DEMAND THE SCHEDULE TO BE COMMUNICATED AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFOREHAND. If not, the player can't receive any penalties for not being available for team activities not made privy within a reasonable period of notice.
  3. Life as an athlete is demanding. To perform to the maximum level at all times requires a commitment to excellence by the athletes coupled with appropriate support, cooperation, and functional management in order to achieve success - WE demand the creation, development, and upkeep of spaces designed to help athletes thrive within and outside of the sport. This includes; 
  • Access to a trainer every day
  • Healthy and safe gym temperatures during mandatory work hours
  • Amenities that are calibrated to support not only physical health & wellness but also recovery, and mental and psychological health
  • The events and fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years has made clear that the spread of disease or germ-related illnesses can ruin an otherwise promising season of sport. Clean and sanitary locker rooms are imperative to ensure the continued health of a team. 
  • Access to high-quality medical care through insurances and mandatory second opinions on injuries (the most common stressor within sport, across all levels)
  • WE want a mandatory recovery period after games. Time spent traveling is not considered part of this recovery period. 

Housing & Transportation

The housing and relocation requirements of every athlete are unique. Accordingly, each athlete should be considered individually in terms of their general physical and psychological needs, demonstrated independent living skills, career and education requirements, and capacity to integrate into a new environment. 

  1. In most cases, a relocation involves an athlete moving to join a team in a new country for the first time. As a best practice, WE want that teams or national sports federations that are inducting a first time overseas athlete prepare a specific relocation contract/offer that details: support services, financial obligations, emergency contacts, support personnel, codes of conduct, and any other relevant details that will assist the athlete to understand their roles, rights, and responsibilities within their new environment.
  2. WE want confirmed housing location and details before the athlete's departure. If not disclosed before departure, the athlete has the right to not board the flight. (Details: functional wifi, car available, water running, acceptable bed, proper cooling/heating, etc.)
  3. WE want housing & transport setups to meet a minimum standard, this includes;
  • Mandatory provision of a new mattress, two fresh sets of sheets, towels, and full-size pillows.
  • Safe and reliable cars, provided within 5 days of arrival if negotiated in the contract; less than 15yrs old, sufficient size to fit a professional athlete, automatic if the player cannot drive a manual or provide learning lessons when the player arrives.
  • WIFI to meet a minimum download speed of 10Mbit/s & upload speed of 1Mbit/s (allows for multiple connectable devices, streaming audio/video, and regular online activity).
  • Housing must be within a 10-minute walking distance (if player is without a car) OR a 20-minute driving distance from the training facilities or stadia. Athletes must be entitled to a regular per-diem if the travel time is regularly over the aforementioned limit.

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